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would also solve the problem of people having to read my handwriting. I could put add a graphic of the DVD cover to my list, to be sure I get a DVD of Flesh and Blood TM with Rutger Hauer and not another movie of the same name. Ideally, we TMd be able to mark which gifts we TMve already bought a person, in a way that the person themselves couldn TMt see. It ruins Christmas a little if you know what you are getting luke kuechly youth jersey days beforehand. On the other hand, we don TMt want three people buying one person the same thing, which happened this year. Another part of shopping for gifts is wandering around the malls, looking tom waddle mens authentic jersey in stores I don TMt usually go into. I TMd love a little Christmas elf to help with this part. An electronic one based on the Internet is probably the most reasonable kind to hope for. Despite the Christmas rush, sales people generally want to be helpful. However, I often run into the problem of how to quickly sum up the kind of person I TMm shopping for. This isn TMt always a problem. My nephew is a bright
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